Get Car Insurance Or Suffer the “Hadooken” Attack!

I haven’t the slightest clue what this video is about, but it looks to be related to car insurance in Turkey. Never mind that, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Streetfighter II’s bonus round in this spot, still brings back fond memories of pumping in quarters in those shady video arcades on school days. Great execution as well!.

If your eyes could speak, what would it say…

I wanted to share a little discovery on Google Glass, after doing research for an assignment recently. This also goes way back when I was running digital boot-camps,  showing colleagues and clients what the future of digital would be like.

Now this was in 2006. Imagine ‘Citizen Journalism’ were perceived to be users reporting news within clusters of Ipod neighbourhoods, via podcasts. Biometric technology was limited but not entirely to RFID identification and biological sensor IDs . And the Internet of things was basically the same challenge that Visa and Mastercard had in determining how much milk is still left in your fridge.


Humour and Murphy’s Law Has A Silver Lining…This Is It!

Done by DraftFCB and the production house, Assembly. I must say by far the funniest insurance ad in a long time. Reminds me a lot of those old Stephen King horror flicks and an awesome score to add. Just about tells all of us how some small accidents which we think are trivial could lead to bigger issues in life.