Finally, Puppy Videos That Pays Off

I was not really impressed by the video to say the least – as I’ve seen much better home made ones. The idea of using ad-revenue streams and the power of the click-to-donate is a clear ‘no-brainer’, but why wasn’t it ever done this well.

Pedigree’s new experiment to help dogs in need of adoption, got me thinking if this could be done for other charity organizations as well. So, on one had we have the clients asking for a viral video, on the other we have a social responsibility to make sure it goes viral. Not bad for a win-win! All with the click of our mobile-social self. Great stuff from the guys at Colenso BBDO in NZ, and a thought for all of us, next time we do that ever infamous viral video.

Our lives seen by Volvo

The new ad from Max Vitali, featuring Swedish superstar – Robyn, has all the makes of the new type of automotive ads to come from the swede car manufacturer. Vitali’s choice of music which is a preview of what is to come from the collaboration between Robyn and Röyksopp, gives this piece a never-ending tale of our lives with our car. 

The scenes of nature, mixed with dark side of the city, as well as the lifelines that it comes with at that time of night, just gets you to want to watch it over again. Obviously a strong statement on how the world is today, Volvo is taking a step into the direction of honest truth on what has become of the use of automobiles and the offset that it comes with, at the cost of nature. What’s beautiful about it, is that life goes on.  This ad probably coming from HSI productions.

Get Car Insurance Or Suffer the “Hadooken” Attack!

I haven’t the slightest clue what this video is about, but it looks to be related to car insurance in Turkey. Never mind that, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Streetfighter II’s bonus round in this spot, still brings back fond memories of pumping in quarters in those shady video arcades on school days. Great execution as well!.

What’s Next? Video Time-Capsules

This is a great idea! We’ve seen YouTube come up with their anniversary and birthday tribute to online video, but nothing comes close to what this guy is  doing to crowd source our childhoods!  It’s basically our source of fads and pop culture as we know it today being taken over by social media.


Stop ‘Phubbing’ me up!

I laughed when I saw this on Adverblog. The video is ingenious, and the story portrayed on how a single word like “Phubbing” was born, aroused my curiosity to see where this was going. You’d be surprised, I tell ya.


George Takei makes his debut on YouTube!

Debut, but all of us can wonder “What for?”. A bit late into the scene, but hey! Anyone from Star Trek slinging sh#t on the web is definitely going to be epic. But 4 minutes long? He might need to fasten up that pacer a bit. Also where is the oxygen tank when you need it.

Anyhow, good effort on taking the piss out of Google Glasses. Some oh his observations do make sense, especially from a senior citizen’s perspective. Hey George, great Pilot! Oh, I mean episode.


Humour and Murphy’s Law Has A Silver Lining…This Is It!

Done by DraftFCB and the production house, Assembly. I must say by far the funniest insurance ad in a long time. Reminds me a lot of those old Stephen King horror flicks and an awesome score to add. Just about tells all of us how some small accidents which we think are trivial could lead to bigger issues in life.

Paperclips Are Certainly Dangerous…

A nice animated video on the importance of learning first-aid done for the Australian Red Cross, Produced by Monekystack. The entire story line is rich and very entertaining. It was not over-done but the drama was there indeed. Paper clips are dangerous people…myth NOT busted!

Nice Take On Porn Sex Vs Food Porn

Something funny to get you through the week. This nice little piece from a boutique production called Korhaber Brown house teaches us about the merits of doing it in the kitchen versus the bedroom. Nice insights and great informative way to tell people about the current trends and “short comings”. Enjoy!


How High Can You Jump for D.Rose

This is a great activation idea that was done by Adidas and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. The video shows shots of kids in the suburbs taking on the challenge of getting their own pair of kicks, if they can jump for it. Yes, JUMP for it.  I would however liked to have seen more of these individuals have their personalized videos of their dunk for the jumps.  Great stuff nonetheless.