Turning “blamestorms” into brainstorms

So I’ve been reading up on this new framework used in customer interviews, called Jobs To Be Done. It is interesting how some of the applications help strategist and businesses define what is really needed by the customer. What is more interesting about this framework, is how we as consumers hire products to perform a certain function for us, and if it does the function well enough, satisfying both our emotional and social needs, it might just be hired again. Seen in the “Milkshake man” example below in Clayton Christensen’s lecture.


PART II: Talent Gap A Major Impact On Digital ROI

While CMOs do plan to invest, a major focus of that investment must also be on hiring, retraining and redeploying people to improve efficiency, agility and responsiveness of the organization.

From an agency perspective, in an article written by Patrick Rona, president of Tribal DDB Asia Pacific, titled “The Digital Talent Gap”. He gave his point of view slightly after arriving in his new role in Asia.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the word ‘talent’ lately. Before moving to Asia, the digital ‘talent gap’ was the most frequently cited issue that people told me I’d face here. And true enough, since moving here, the lack of people with the specific set of digital skills that I was used to in Europe has been palpable. “


Talent Gap A Major Impact On Digital ROI

The question of digital in companies today is very much a ROI discussion. In fact it is the negative effect of not understanding it, that has been spreading slowly to not only companies like mine but clients as well. My argument in context to my business, is that this lack of understanding of ROI is stemming primarily in the existing talent gaps resulting in an indirect challenge to an age – old legacy of how companies should run. There are some surprising insights though, that I’ve decided to cut this article into two parts. The talent market itself and what CMOs, brands and agencies think, which I will post later on this week. (more…)

Research & Advertising is Coffee to Creamer

Saw this brilliant idea for an activation at an airport by Douwe Egberts Coffee. I’ve learnt from some of the best practitioners in activation, and this to me is as simple and good as it gets. Though it only recorded 210 samples, the process from which they took research insights and formulated a creative way to establish a link between the brand and the idea is exemplary. Social listening tools today offer the fastest and most accurate depiction of consumers online. The biggest hurdle to me is getting one that works for you.

1 out of 2 people prefer short film formats? Interesting…

It was coming yes, I had to do it. It’s time to have one side of the story told. And I think that Diode Digital did it quite well in this animated video showing just how important online video is now and will be in the next few years. Huge considerations for brands if you ask me, and this video says it all. I must add that the optimization of video is an area that is untouched and unknown.

Advertising Works or No?

Ok, so this is the ever debated question, since it was even categorized in small print somewhere between marketing and sales. Does advertising work? Well, I guess the guys at Ambassador got that part covered in their annual report  called “Advertising: Do You Buy It?” F@#k yeah I do!