What’s Next? Video Time-Capsules

This is a great idea! We’ve seen YouTube come up with their anniversary and birthday tribute to online video, but nothing comes close to what this guy is  doing to crowd source our childhoods!  It’s basically our source of fads and pop culture as we know it today being taken over by social media.


Stop ‘Phubbing’ me up!

I laughed when I saw this on Adverblog. The video is ingenious, and the story portrayed on how a single word like “Phubbing” was born, aroused my curiosity to see where this was going. You’d be surprised, I tell ya.


Made You Look!

New way of getting engagement from an audience. The “Made You Look” method. I was watching this short film about a writer that is living in the Astor Place Cube in New York City. Well of course we all know, no one really lives there. But the concept of of the story and how it was shot, made waves on some of the more popular blogs and websites.


The ‘Real’ Price We Pay For Fast Food

I picked this up from Adverblog. its a nice branded content piece that links Fiona Apple and Chipotle Mexican Grill. It’s the same fight we see Jamie Oliver up against, and how the fast food industry is changing the rules when it comes to human food consumption.  I’m a sucker for fast food, but after watching this film, it really did make me sit back and think it over. Sometimes, it’s funny how some things can just hit the right chord.


Nice Take On Porn Sex Vs Food Porn

Something funny to get you through the week. This nice little piece from a boutique production called Korhaber Brown house teaches us about the merits of doing it in the kitchen versus the bedroom. Nice insights and great informative way to tell people about the current trends and “short comings”. Enjoy!


Short Films That Teaches Us About Storytelling

I was referred to AFG Productions from a video I watched called “My Last Days“. The Director, Justin Baldoni had a very interesting approach to the way he told the story about Zach Sobiech. It wasn’t this that got me intrigued, but his next project on homeless people in America. Short and sweet interviews, packaged with a new perspective on corporate America, and the human spirit. Something true to itself, which a lot of brands can learn from.


Real Life ‘Stays Together’ With Skype

We rarely use Skype in it’s original form anymore. Today,  it’s more popular as cheaper alternatives for business calls. I used to remember chatting with friends whom I could not reach via a telephone, and were overseas. The only currency we had in common were bits per second. We see the transformation in night and day, accents changing and even  character to a certain extent, and that was how we kept in touch. A little bit of body language and verbal communication via a screen.



Red Bull’s Digital Strategy in Film

So I was reading a post from digitalbuzzblog on how Red Bull is upping the ante in their quest to be one off, if not ‘the’ best branded content provider. And seeing their latest video with Danny Macaskill, its no wonder that I would think they do have content that none of us have or can produce.


Muji 3D Replicas Of You And Your Family Travels

I was going through some blogs and caught a glimpse of this video on an article for Muji’s new line of travel products and fashion line called ‘Muji to GO‘. The shots are simple and there is no dialog, but the vision and imagery is fantastic. I love it when someone comes up with a brilliant piece of work and so little to work with. Just so you know the  products that Muji are retailing are not that bad either with some innovative types of luggage and light clothing with packing accessories. Customers are given a treat when they participate in this unique contest of going to the ends of the world with your family and Muji gear to see a 3D replica of your self waiting. Weird, but its unique!

If any knows who is the person responsible, please do drop me the credits. Thanks.