Month: January 2016

Why isn’t Phubbing A Mental Disorder Yet?!!!

So homosexuality was considered a mental disorder up until 1986 and problem gambling was only considered an actual addiction in 2013! Makes you wonder when they are going to throw the book at “Phubbing”, yes that pseudo cool word they term smart device addiction.

This theory first surfaced as an inappropriate way of socializing. In other words, making a situation awkward by pulling out a smart device rather than conversing with the individual in front of you. There are numerous bodies of research on this phenomenon, and its well on its way of being considered a mental disorder, well hopefully that is.

But just stick with me on this one, to see how biennial phubbing actually really is.


So, even if Al Pacino did tip the balance a little in what is accepted in society. The odds of cocaine addiction reaching top of the mental disorder list, is undeniable. On the other hand, how do we condone an activity, that might slowly be chipping away at human culture at its core?

Let’s not forget we have to first admit that having knowledge on the fly is not really needed, or if staying connected at all times, is not a benefit. Imagine the bureaucratic red tape that we’d have to go through just to get this into public debate.

I once remembered cigarettes going through a similar pattern. Now in the dark markets, would smart devices soon be something of a similar nature? hard to digest, but nevertheless food for thought.



In every form of content there is an optimum technology and an ideal experience

What if the newest form of content delivery was optimum but not ideal?

Great reading piece. I could almost see how, in advertising, this really works to make us think back and remember how the crown of creation really developed civilizations of man.

Deep in grained in us, is the nature of where we come from. Experiencing something the easiest, and cheapest is not really what a brand should think about, when it wants more customers. But does enjoyment strike high on ratings, or does it reward the cultural experience.

Source: In every form of content there is an optimum technology and an ideal experience