Does Your Mother Know You Are Here?

Had an interesting talk this afternoon with some of my advertising colleagues on the matter of “Does your parents know what you do at the office?”. Surprisingly enough, not a single one of of them did!

Its comforting to know that our table was not the only hapless group that had no designation the world could call our own, but apparently a study done by LinkedIn showed that 1 out of 3 parents don’t really know what their kids do at work as well.

The bigger question here is, are we given enough credit at what we do, to give a shit about the designation that we are given? Otherwise it wouldn’t really matter to our parents would it?

There was a time, when being a doctor, lawyer, banker, teacher, contractor, or even farmer would give our parents the satisfaction of knowing that we are contributing something to society. And even if some parents would cringe at the idea of their kids being janitors, at least it was a “job”.

The way I look at it, “jobs” were noble, required a certain level of physical and mental commitment, and it was tangible. As in you could see the results. Today, most of our efforts are seen hidden behind a laptop, or a chart. The silent effort of physical strokes of the keyboard is all we have to show for in our presence at the office. Well, at least mine that is.

If I were to ask someone if their mother really knew they were in an advertising agency, I’d probably get a strange look. Perhaps no stranger than the ones my kids might give me, should I not know theirs.


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