Are We To Blame For The Music We Listen To Today?

I was on the road, when the news on the radio rattled a news article on the calibre of English used in music today, being likened to 3rd graders. This brought me back to a meme I saw on my newsfeed, seen below.


And as I station-surfed in my car and made a conscious effort to listen in tune in. It dawned on me that everything I was listening to, either had some form of price tag, a brand mention in the lyrics or I could picture someone half naked.

it’s rather ironic how these artists over the radio, after all the efforts, and it’s distribution services are still making the least. For example Spotify paying Sony 42.5 million in advances,  in return Sony Music was given up to $9 million in ad spots on Spotify which it could sell for profit. Where is the creative direction on that track I wonder?

Speaking of which, It’s not a suprise to find the money for those advances, that Starbucks has opted to drop Apple for Spotify, as its preferred in-outlet music streaming service. Yes Apple, yet another player muscling into the music scene with its soon to be released Beats music streaming service. But will it get play with yet another industry emerging within this supply chain of music distribution service – Sonos speakers, for example? 

The whole ecosystem of music looks to have turned to mush. playing up subscribers and customised music list. But have we lost the plot then? Isn’t music about individual appreciation? We’ve opted for low quality digital sound over high fidelity, just because it saves space and gives us more. Even with Tidal’s high fidelity streaming services, it comes with 3 different price packages for a monopoly of artists that you might not even like to begin with.

Services like Spotify and Pandora preaches music anywhere, but then, cuts back on artists fees some of it for as low as $0.007 a stream. All in the spirit of “giving more” to the consumer. Wouldn’t this create a hostile environment where everyone thinks they could be a performing artist then? Well yes, just look at Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen or Psy for that matter.

The mobility of digital devices seducing our preference of having just enough in our pockets has paved the way for Digital DJs, playing on MacBooks, when there was once the famous CD bag. Saving space, getting around easier and having more is what I’ve learnt to define the music we listen to today, or at least is a product of these traits.

As Billy Corgan said “The music business is mostly run by feckless idiots, who do not subscribe to the normal tenets of capitalism.” And the normal tenets of capitalism stems to a lot more bigger agendas, like how we see money being distributed throughout the world today, and the acceptance levels of the divide in “the have and have nots.”  All of which are portrayals in the music videos we see on MTV. A sad reflection of ourselves, and the role we played in killing the music we listen to today.


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