Month: May 2015

Amazon Echo Can Now Do Some Of Your Shopping For You, Prime Members

There was first the Amazon button, now the voice activated shopping devices. reducing barriers, and getting in earlier on the decision making process is good enough disruption to any supermarket out there. Now all it needs is custom offers by time of day and mood of voice to make that closer more effective. Now that is smart shopping!


Amazon’s Echo speaker/intelligent tube/listening pal revealed a bit more of its true nature today: It can now field voice-powered buying requests, translating your spoken desire for more paper towels into more actual paper towels, for instance. The catch is that it’s restricted to Prime members, it only works with Prime-eligible goods, and you need both a U.S. billing address and a U.S.-based payment method.

To command your smart cylinder to conduct commerce on your behalf, all you need do is use your Wake word, then tell it to reorder whatever item you’re after. This is designed to be an easy way to order again things you’re often already buying rep eats of anyway, so ostensibly Amazon is positioning it as a convenience feature, not a full-fledged shopping alternative.

But you can actually order something new – to an extent. If Echo fails to find what you’re asking for in…

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After years of false starts, Apple is finally poised to kill Spotify and take over streaming music. There’s just one catch…

“Despite huge head starts from Pandora and Spotify, which today have 80 and 60 million users, respectively, Apple has 800 million credit cards on file. If it convinces only 10 percent of these cardholders to sign up for a subscription streaming service, it will already have caught up with Pandora and surpassed Spotify.” – I wonder how did he come to this conclusion that all 800 million credit cards are real!!! – minus inactive users – minus existing spottily users using a Mac.

TV Characters That Vanished

I would think this might be a fantastic idea on the whereabouts of ad-industry professionals in the next 5 years or so. Well, it might sound harsh, but reading through some of the sad endings to these fictional TV characters, I must say there are very similar nuances.

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Every year thousands of people vanish without a trace, and some of them do it on television. Over the years TV writers write characters off, and rather than giving them a fitting end they simply stop writing them effectively causing the character to disappear. Because we as television fans do not forget here is a list of TV characters that vanished without a trace.


“Spearchucker” Jones (MASH): When he was introduced in the first season of the legendary show, he was to be utilized by the socially conscious writers to explore race relations. But history worked against them in this instance as they learned that no African American had served in a MASH unit during the Korean War. Stuck between a rock and a hard place the production crew of MASH were forced into making Spearchucker go AWOL so to speak.


Mr. Turner (Boy Meets World):

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