Belly will run 7-Eleven’s digital loyalty program in 2,600 convenience stores

Quick and dirty way to get more people to use your app. Well, I was going through this Belly loyalty application, and it does show a lot of promise. Wonder how this would pick up in Asia. It really gives me that Grab Taxi vibe of linking up commuters with taxi drivers. Simple and affordable way to get started with your own loyalty programme if you are a merchant.


Given 7-Eleven participated in digital loyalty startup Belly’s most recent $12 million funding round, you would figure the convenience store giant was bound to start installing Belly’s iPad rewards terminals in retail locations around the country. Well, that roll-out begins began this month, and by the end of this year 2,600 7-Eleven stores in North America will start awarding points and handing out free cups of coffee and Slurpees to Belly’s growing user base.

Belly started out in Chicago as a rewards program for small businesses that didn’t have the resources to create their own amenity programs. Instead of joining a bunch of individual loyalty programs, customers just signed up for one, [company]Belly[/company], using its app to check into iPad terminals at any participating business. Each check-in accrues a certain number of points, which can be exchanged for goods or services determined by the retailer that awarded them, for instance…

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