5 Reasons Why I Can’t Get Shit Done In The Office

3 months of working up an appetite for destruction is enough for me to realise why I can’t function in an office environment. Ok, wait a minute, that might be a little harsh. What I meant was, why I can’t function in office environments, today.

I’m a freelance contractor, yes you can say that I am hired to fix people’s problems. I don’t ask, I just get it done. It’s been a good time thus far, but I just find it harder getting shit done in the office. Here’s 5 of my own reasons.

Staying Motivated

The current agency I am working for is by far the best and the worst I’ve been in. I can’t put my finger on it, its like a f#ck buddy, you can never have long enough time for you to have more than enough fun. The issue I suppose is keeping motivated. Most of the guys I know, either succumb to orders and self bona-fide critiques, so much so they lose their own identities. How much of your personal flavour is diluted by bureaucratic bullshit? Sooner or later the work gets to, how much of it you are doing versus how much of it that’s worth doing.



I think the person who invented this whole open office space should be shot dead! I can’t find any benefit in the noise I hear each day, bitching, fighting and socializing. Let alone the 2 awesome meeting rooms, which has a booking ledger that goes beyond U2’s world tour dates. Say “Get away! you poor excuse for a sound wave” and welcome large, very large head phones, with noise cancellation.

Access To The Internet

Laziness if just something that Tim Berners-Lee didn’t consider when he created the Internet. The amount of work I load on my computer is just absurd. We talk about how isolated and cold we’ve become with mobile phones. Forget that! How about e-mail? and laptop computers? Half or more of my conversations get lost in translation because of it being converted into bytes of data that has no sentiment or emotion to it.  How we’re using the internet  at work is just wrong, cause I find myself explaining more shit than doing it.


The concept of lunch, is such that social interactions takes work offline for that 1 hour. people mingle to be who they really are. Is this even true to begin with? For me, lunch becomes an object or milestone of the day. A lot of people push work to either before or after lunch. This is some what a procrastination tool, or excuse for me. And don’t deny you haven’t used the term “let’s discuss this after lunch…”.


Forced To Think

I can’t think in the office, in fact I find myself lying to myself thinking I come up with great ideas or solutions just because I am in the office. It’s funny, but being an introvert and put on the centre stage to come up with something is just not my thing. I need space to analyse and think before I put my thoughts forward. A very important point to note is the office culture and how people get shit done is important if you want to survive long enough.



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