With 10K Schools On Board, BrightBytes Lands $15M To Help Measure The Real Impact Of Technology In Education

Great use of big data analysis to help improve education effectiveness of both educators and schools. I like how this links government efforts as well as putting individual opinions upfront on a map.


Over the last year, BrightBytes has become a personal favorite in the ballooning world of education startups. The reason for this begins with the fact, when it comes to our beleaguered education system — from its skyrocketing costs to its middling outcomes and dwindling resources — many have begun to look at technology as a savior. Certainly few would argue that the litany of new tools and services technology is bringing to classrooms and learners has the potential to transform the learning process in a number of exciting (and positive) ways.

However, in all the excitement over the slew of smart learning devices, tools, services and software now proliferating through education, it’s important to consider whether we’re advocating for the use of technology for it’s own sake (or progress’ sake) or whether these new tools are actually having an impact on student outcomes and achievement. BrightBytes launched in 2012 to…

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