Month: March 2014

Why Comcast’s proposed Apple deal may be even worse for the Internet than its Netflix deal

Talk about all the wrong stuff. What happens when Apple, or any other brand for that matter can afford a highway and not lane of their own. This is totally hampering the issue of start ups trying to break into the space of CDNs. Ladies and gentleman, capitalism has made it’s way into the internet cloud…

Your next Ray-Bans or Oakleys could have a Google Glass option

I can’t wait for these. tried out glasses, but did not have a really great experience. This might change it all!


Google(s goog) is working with Luxottica to bring its brand of fashion to the Google Glass wearable display. On Monday, Google announced the partnership with the Italian eyeglass frame-maker, which owns the Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglasses lines, because Luxottica “understands how to build, distribute and sell great products.”

The deal is important not only because it brings potential mainstream fashion to Google Glass but also because it provides a retail distribution channel with several established brands.

luxottica brands

That means when Glass becomes available to the general public, consumers won’t necessarily have to order and receive Glass from Google. In the announcement on Google+, Google specifically says “Luxottica’s retail and wholesale distribution channels will serve us well when we make Glass available to more people. Currently, Glass is available through an invite-style beta program that costs $1,500 and requires direct fulfillment through Google.

The original version of Glass wasn’t what anyone I…

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Passenger sues Uber over alleged sexual assault

Possible link up with local police surveillance technology to pair up two cell-phones within close proximity of the Uber application when service is rendered. This would give passenger’s ease of use knowing the cops have access to them if needed, while maintaining driver compliance to road and passenger safety.

A dust-up is brewing in mobile payments, pitting Isis against Best Buy, 7-Eleven

Bold move from 7 eleven and Best Buy. But as stated in the last paragraph. The idea is having convenient payment, not taking two steps back in the name of capitalism!


Best Buy(s bby) and 7-Eleven have started shutting down near-field communications (NFC) capabilities in their stores’ point-of-sale terminals, making it even harder for Isis and Google(s goog) to get their fledgling smartphone payments services off the ground.

According to a report in ComputerWorld, payments technology analysts say Best Buy and 7-Eleven began disabling the NFC readers at their checkout stands simply because of the expense. NFC-powered mobile payments have barely cracked the surface in the U.S. – stymied in part by turf wars between Isis and Google – so big retailers see little reason to support it and other smart card technologies. Also, banks are charging higher transaction fees for smart card and NFC payments, giving retailers even less incentive to get behind smartphone payment services.

But there could be a third reason that Best Buy and 7-Eleven aren’t keen on NFC. They’re part of a consortium of big…

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Carlsberg offers extended happy hour for an Instagram

Great idea for beer brands. I rarely see simple and effective campaigns like this, that just puts a smile on consumers’ faces. Think about it, how cool is a crowd-funded happy hour at a bar. Using just a USB stick, a Digital TV, Instagram, some Java code, and clever mechanics. Awesome execution and doable for any bar in fact.



The Danish brewer says the “Happy Hour 2.0” initiative renews the “well-known” on-trade promotion to fit the modern social media mindset. Visitors to participating bars are given the opportunity to keep buying Carlsberg or Tuborg beer at half price by uploading pictures to Instagram with the name of the venue and the #HappyBeerTime hashtag.

Carlsberg has fitted the bars with a dongle that streams a counter to TV screens updating participants and bar staff in real-time as content is submitted.

The brewer says the initiative, created by digital agency Konstellation, will be a success because it caters to both drinkers and bars; visitors receive cheaper beer, while the bar receives word-of-mouth buzz on Instagram. Carlsberg will not curate the content adding it wants to build advocacy for the brand around specific nights.

Read more in Marketing Week here.

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The 30th birthday of TED: Richard Saul Wurman at TED2014

Happy B’day TED !

TED Blog

TED2014_DD_DSC_3223 (L-R) Richard Saul Wurman and Chris Anderson. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

TED was co-founded, in 1984, by Richard Saul Wurman. As part of the 30th-year anniversary, Chris Anderson welcomed Wurman up onto the stage to recognize that achievement.

“How does it feel to see your baby reach 30?” asked Anderson.

TED2014_DD_DSC_1715 (L-R) Richard Saul Wurman and Chris Anderson. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Wurman said, “Well, I have 3 minutes. I thought about being clever. I thought about doing nothing.” Then he asked for the house lights up, and asked to see the hands of people who came to one of his TEDs, 1984-2002. Many were, and many more were not. “The TED dinner party has turned into a global phenom, a banquet for the whole world.” And he added, “In spite of doing other things, it will be in my obit.”

Anderson sums it up. “Richard, you are a deeply curious and…

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JFDI Accelerator Raises $2.1M To Help Singapore Become Southeast Asia’s Startup Hub

Great stuff, but first they got to know how to challenge themselves to create something that is meaningful to society and not just another Silicon Valley. So we’ve seen co-working spaces, accelerators ,mentor-ships, and VCs. What we don’t have is better appropriation of money to the right ideas, not cool ideas that might make a cheap buck.


Singapore’s Joyful Frog Digital Incubator has raised $2.1 million from investors led by Infocomm Investments to pursue the city state’s ambitions of becoming the startup hub for all of South East Asia.

Russia’s SpinUp Partners and the Silicon Valley-based Fenox are among other investors participating in the latest round. The idea behind getting more overseas investors is to gain from their expertise and collaborate.

“In Russia, we have talented startup teams and capital seeking access to world markets. Singapore is the gateway to Asia for us and we look forward to working closely with JFDI.Asia into the future,” Sergey Gorokhov, Director and Chairman of the Board at SpinUp Partners said in a statement.

The funding will be used to incubate more startup ideas in the region, and is part of the accelerator’s aim to raise around $4.7 million in total capital. The new funding will also be used to support the upcoming…

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Breakfast Smells Better With Apps.

Health activist detest it, dietitians say “stay away from it!”, Oscar Mayer on the other hand, just wants you to wake up to a freshly cooked bacon morning! Why? well scent of course. The breakfast sensory activators are one of the pick me ups today, in the world of neuroscience marketing. It reminds us of a late weekend brunch feasting, or mum’s call to hit the table for a family breakfast fry-up. All of which are emotional triggers that stimulates a smile that arises from the depths of any growling tummy.