For $1, you can build a device that uses TV signals to recognize gestures

Using renewable source of energy, cheap technology and hacking electrical devices at home. Gesture recognition becomes a reality. Reason I say this, is some of the current Television sets that boasts gesture recognition is blown out of proportion and from experience is real annoying to understand or pick up real fast. These guys from the University Of Washington deserves a cigarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


There’s energy all around us in the form of TV, radio and WiFi signals. Develop a device that doesn’t need much power, and you can harvest enough power from thin air to cut out the need for a battery entirely.

University of Washington researchers have found some interesting applications for this like communication between devices and using WiFi to detect motion. Their latest effort powers a gesture recognition device with TV signals, with the added benefit that the device costs less than $1 to make.

Known as the AllSee, the device is a tiny quarter-sized sensor that can be paired with existing tech to create a gesture-based user interface. Like using a Leap Motion, you can wave, push or close your hand in the air in front of the AllSee to communicate with a computer, robot or other tech in different ways.

The sensor also uses TV signals to…

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