Crowdonomic And Earth Hour Team Up To Support Environmental Projects

Very impressive set-up with the partnership. But after looking at the projects being crowd-funded, there seems to be a level of participation by funders that is missing. I feel it looks more like a charity outlet rather than genuine participation from members of the public.


Crowdonomic , a Singapore-based crowdfunding platform, has partnered with non-profit Earth Hour to help fund tech-based environmental projects.

Called Earth Hour Blue, the new platform allows users to contribute funds to projects supported by the World Wildlife Fund. Projects seeking money currently include Bancas for the Philippines, which will introduce fiberglass boats to communities that lost fishing equipment in Super Typhoon Haiyan; Stop the Killing!, an effort to combat wildlife smuggling in Southeast Asia; and Restore The Roodeberg, which is raising funds to conserve South Africa’s Table Mountain National Park.

Crowdonomic was launched about a year ago and offers reward- or equity-based crowdfunding for projects based in Asia. The company hopes its partnership with Earth Hour will help boost its profile beyond Singapore and lead the way to working with more startups and businesses around the world.

“This project is a showcase of our new enterprise…

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