Small Things Can Pack a Punch…???

I just saw this case study on Ads Of The World for VJUKE, Nissan’s SUV/compact. I must say the idea is an impressive use of Instagram users’ content and collaboration with talented sound and visual artist Ego & Touch Sensitive. What I did not get is how such a great idea like this would get so much headway on iTunes and even a recording label picking it up, but through all that, Nissan’s brand was missing.

We’ve seen a great example in “Dumb ways to die”, but I believe the core idea was sitting right in front of the creative execution itself, which gave people a lighthearted approach at looking to railway safety hazards. Going back to this campaign done by TBWA Melbourne, I would have considered to looking at tighter linkage to “small things can lead to a bigger impact” within the story itself, or the use of the car for example.

I am also surprised that they could relate 23 million people living in Melbourne to the 25 million social media impressions, which could have come from anything at all. What I would be interested to look deeper into, is the 2 million impressions over Instagram. Those are fantastic numbers, and from the output of the music and visual content, it does speak to a specific target group of consumers within the early youth stages. This in itself is perfect for VJUKE.  The social media engagement and the audience fit perfectly for an impressive idea to top it of.


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