Youth switch-off for Facebook

A 3 billion dollar bid for Snapchat might not be a bad idea after all! This might have been lingering on Zuckerberg’s mind the night before a discussion with his suits to takeover the California upstart – Snapchat. I mean think about it, Facebook opened us to social networks and putting ourselves out there with the concept of “The Internet Of Me”.  Well, when it was free and hitting 1,000,000 subscribers, I could agree.

But with loose privacy policies, an amorphous mass of people on its network which could represent a human brain, and the fact that any of this data is not as secure as we think it is. Most of us lost the appeal that Facebook brought to everyone, which is the empowerment of the average Joe.

I guess some of us might be thinking “Wait a minute, didn’t we all learn anything from Web 1.0,  closed loop communications and that personal information is sacred?”. Well there is a new trend that is rising, seen by Danah Boyd, a web theorist. More of the youth today are trading their personal information for benefits with brands and apps. They are fully aware of how the lack of privacy standards may effect them, and they are not stranger to it. Enters a whole new concept of ephemeral behavior. It’s basically Web 1,0 but within social networks.

Zuckerberg knows that ideas of”sexting”, drunken photos with friends can all affect the social footprint, as well as personal lives in school or potential career opportunities. This is something the youth of today is not willing to give-up for any social network. At the latest Facebook earnings call, he denied that youths are losing interest and dropping out of Facebook, but he also can’t concur if they Like or disliked the platform. We’ll just have to wait and see…


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