Month: February 2014

For $1, you can build a device that uses TV signals to recognize gestures

Using renewable source of energy, cheap technology and hacking electrical devices at home. Gesture recognition becomes a reality. Reason I say this, is some of the current Television sets that boasts gesture recognition is blown out of proportion and from experience is real annoying to understand or pick up real fast. These guys from the University Of Washington deserves a cigarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


There’s energy all around us in the form of TV, radio and WiFi signals. Develop a device that doesn’t need much power, and you can harvest enough power from thin air to cut out the need for a battery entirely.

University of Washington researchers have found some interesting applications for this like communication between devices and using WiFi to detect motion. Their latest effort powers a gesture recognition device with TV signals, with the added benefit that the device costs less than $1 to make.

Known as the AllSee, the device is a tiny quarter-sized sensor that can be paired with existing tech to create a gesture-based user interface. Like using a Leap Motion, you can wave, push or close your hand in the air in front of the AllSee to communicate with a computer, robot or other tech in different ways.

The sensor also uses TV signals to…

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Crowdonomic And Earth Hour Team Up To Support Environmental Projects

Very impressive set-up with the partnership. But after looking at the projects being crowd-funded, there seems to be a level of participation by funders that is missing. I feel it looks more like a charity outlet rather than genuine participation from members of the public.


Crowdonomic , a Singapore-based crowdfunding platform, has partnered with non-profit Earth Hour to help fund tech-based environmental projects.

Called Earth Hour Blue, the new platform allows users to contribute funds to projects supported by the World Wildlife Fund. Projects seeking money currently include Bancas for the Philippines, which will introduce fiberglass boats to communities that lost fishing equipment in Super Typhoon Haiyan; Stop the Killing!, an effort to combat wildlife smuggling in Southeast Asia; and Restore The Roodeberg, which is raising funds to conserve South Africa’s Table Mountain National Park.

Crowdonomic was launched about a year ago and offers reward- or equity-based crowdfunding for projects based in Asia. The company hopes its partnership with Earth Hour will help boost its profile beyond Singapore and lead the way to working with more startups and businesses around the world.

“This project is a showcase of our new enterprise…

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Game over for MtGox as Bitcoin exchange files for bankruptcy protection

How does one simply lose 750,000 of its customers’ bitcoins and 100,000 of its own bitcoins?


The pioneering yet much-reviled Bitcoin exchange MtGox has officially filed for bankruptcy protection. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, a company lawyer told Japanese journalists on Friday that the outfit had outstanding debts of roughly $63.6 million against assets of little over half that.

This is no surprise – Tokyo-based MtGox suffered a huge theft of Bitcoins sometime in recent years (no, it didn’t conduct any audits) and had major liquidity problems, meaning many of its customers are unlikely to get their money back. On Friday the company said it had lost 750,000 of its customers’ bitcoins and 100,000 of its own bitcoins.

The theft appears to have been largely MtGox’s fault for handling the Bitcoin protocol badly, but there also seems to be a wider weakness as other outfits have fallen victim to similar attacks.

Earlier this week, it emerged that American and Japanese…

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Telegram Saw 8M Downloads After WhatsApp Got Acquired

What’s key to note is Telegram, created by Pavel Durov, founder of Russian Facebook competitor VKontakte, wants to be the safest — and most NSA-proof — messaging app in the world. Before the WhatsApp bomb dropped last week, the service was growing by 300,000 – 400,000 downloads per day. Note to ponder, and this article really does gives clarity on how people are skeptical of social media networks that goes “Mainstream”.


The App Store is a strange and whimsical bedfellow. It is a kingmaker, but with that come the tears of the anointed, the displaced and the never-rans.

As an example of the store’s fickle nature, Flappy Bird held the Free App pole position for so long that it could not handle the success, committing seppuku. Almost immediately three clones popped up to replace it, including Flying Cyrus, a Miley Cyrus-themed clone.

The news of WhatsApp, the world’s largest messaging app, being acquired on February 19 by the world’s largest social network also has birthed a new App Store star. Telegram, a messaging app of humble origins, has surpassed WhatsApp in the App Store rankings, just five days after the news of Facebook’s buy. Other messaging apps like TigerText and Confide could also see a related boost.

It’s easy to attribute the exodus to a specific mistrust of…

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First Made for iPhone hearing aid doubles as a high quality iOS headset

Wonderful device for seniors! And not to mention re-inventing how smartphones and listening devices can realistically improve the lives of our loved ones.


The first Made For iPhone hearing aid launched on Monday, courtesy of GN ReSound from Denmark. Dubbed the ReSound LiNX, the small hearing aid can also stream audio wirelessly when connected to an iPhone(s aapl), iPod touch or iPad.

resound linx facetime

While there are other similar products on the market, ReSound LiNX doesn’t require a separate pendant or other remote-control accessory; it works directly with controls on an iOS device over a 2.4 GHz wireless connection and uses Bluetooth Smart technology.

A companion iOS app controls volume but has quite a bit more functionality than that. With it, owners of the ReSound LiNX can set geographic sound profiles such as more bass at home or greater mid-range sound response at work where background noise could be prevalent. The ReSound Smart App also includes a “Find My Hearing Aid” function to help find a misplaced unit.

resound linx in hand

I’m impressed by so much functionality…

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Small Things Can Pack a Punch…???

I just saw this case study on Ads Of The World for VJUKE, Nissan’s SUV/compact. I must say the idea is an impressive use of Instagram users’ content and collaboration with talented sound and visual artist Ego & Touch Sensitive. What I did not get is how such a great idea like this would get so much headway on iTunes and even a recording label picking it up, but through all that, Nissan’s brand was missing.

We’ve seen a great example in “Dumb ways to die”, but I believe the core idea was sitting right in front of the creative execution itself, which gave people a lighthearted approach at looking to railway safety hazards. Going back to this campaign done by TBWA Melbourne, I would have considered to looking at tighter linkage to “small things can lead to a bigger impact” within the story itself, or the use of the car for example.

I am also surprised that they could relate 23 million people living in Melbourne to the 25 million social media impressions, which could have come from anything at all. What I would be interested to look deeper into, is the 2 million impressions over Instagram. Those are fantastic numbers, and from the output of the music and visual content, it does speak to a specific target group of consumers within the early youth stages. This in itself is perfect for VJUKE.  The social media engagement and the audience fit perfectly for an impressive idea to top it of.

Get Car Insurance Or Suffer the “Hadooken” Attack!

I haven’t the slightest clue what this video is about, but it looks to be related to car insurance in Turkey. Never mind that, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Streetfighter II’s bonus round in this spot, still brings back fond memories of pumping in quarters in those shady video arcades on school days. Great execution as well!.

Youth switch-off for Facebook

A 3 billion dollar bid for Snapchat might not be a bad idea after all! This might have been lingering on Zuckerberg’s mind the night before a discussion with his suits to takeover the California upstart – Snapchat. I mean think about it, Facebook opened us to social networks and putting ourselves out there with the concept of “The Internet Of Me”.  Well, when it was free and hitting 1,000,000 subscribers, I could agree.

But with loose privacy policies, an amorphous mass of people on its network which could represent a human brain, and the fact that any of this data is not as secure as we think it is. Most of us lost the appeal that Facebook brought to everyone, which is the empowerment of the average Joe.