What’s Next? Video Time-Capsules

This is a great idea! We’ve seen YouTube come up with their anniversary and birthday tribute to online video, but nothing comes close to what this guy is  doing to crowd source our childhoods!  It’s basically our source of fads and pop culture as we know it today being taken over by social media.

The compilation consists of what we  watched and music we listened too, as well as games we played. The mash up of music is perfect, coupled with historical milestones in that year that changed history. For me this really explains the “Blackswan” theory in motion.

Simply called “Remember”, this blogsite compiles about 30 years of our lives in video. Best part is, people contribute on what they felt was popular then, and ‘Siminz’ as he is called, mashes it up into a video time-capsule.

What’s funny is that you will always capture three people in those videos – Madonna, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. For some reason or the other, these guys are never going to fade away. Also, the music then and now, what they wore and how movies were made, is seen in a very microscopic view. To a certain extent, giving us feedback on how people were then and now.

The body language showed more fun and creativity, whereas now its more tech and flash. Even in how movies were produced, what we found jaw-dropping then, is seen as trivial now, or even juvenile. The games we played on our hand-held devices to consoles also took me back to how simple we accepted our environments and quality of products. Has the internet changed all that? or was it social media? This is really a humbling experience once you watch these videos below, in chronological order.

This might also open up a whole new paradigm of thinking, if the content we consumed was in fact really engaging? or did we just follow  the pied-piper of Hollywood.  These are questions that surely need answering, and perhaps we might find it in how the new form of content marketing using brands might change the conversation with consumers in general.


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