Month: December 2013

What’s Next? Video Time-Capsules

This is a great idea! We’ve seen YouTube come up with their anniversary and birthday tribute to online video, but nothing comes close to what this guy is  doing to crowd source our childhoods!  It’s basically our source of fads and pop culture as we know it today being taken over by social media.


PART II: Talent Gap A Major Impact On Digital ROI

While CMOs do plan to invest, a major focus of that investment must also be on hiring, retraining and redeploying people to improve efficiency, agility and responsiveness of the organization.

From an agency perspective, in an article written by Patrick Rona, president of Tribal DDB Asia Pacific, titled “The Digital Talent Gap”. He gave his point of view slightly after arriving in his new role in Asia.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the word ‘talent’ lately. Before moving to Asia, the digital ‘talent gap’ was the most frequently cited issue that people told me I’d face here. And true enough, since moving here, the lack of people with the specific set of digital skills that I was used to in Europe has been palpable. “