Stop ‘Phubbing’ me up!

I laughed when I saw this on Adverblog. The video is ingenious, and the story portrayed on how a single word like “Phubbing” was born, aroused my curiosity to see where this was going. You’d be surprised, I tell ya.

So many of us know the origin of words, but keeping up with the latest social/techno blabber that is coming out each day, is almost impossible if not rude to a certain extent. Considering that the Queen’s English don’t get as much revisions as the  Macquarie Dictionary of Australia. Yes, those blokes down under has thought up of another way to make the English language a lot more complicated than it is.

Well, I’d be lying if I said I did not like this video that was done to promote the dictionary.  The idea is strong and it gels well with how digital technology used well to promote traditional mediums is just a sight for  … well something different I suppose.


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