Made You Look!

New way of getting engagement from an audience. The “Made You Look” method. I was watching this short film about a writer that is living in the Astor Place Cube in New York City. Well of course we all know, no one really lives there. But the concept of of the story and how it was shot, made waves on some of the more popular blogs and websites.

Best part is, it was not for a really big brand. The production value was low, and the story-telling, simple. What amazed me most about this story was that it was for a non-profit organisation. The angle? Meditation. Yes, a new common interest group that promotes ‘Whil’ – a new form of meditation for the urbanites feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by todays media consumption, work demands, lack of focus on their personal lives, and not to mention wastage to digital exposure. Here’s how to get through the day in 60-seconds. Try it.



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