Volvo Trucks: The Hook

This guys from Volvo deserves an award just for awesomeness. We all talk about the 8 seconds hook into a viral or hit video. But this takes the cake!

AdPitch Blog

Ohh this is one brave company president! No trick filming was done for this, it was actually done. Claes Nilsson puts the new Volvo FMX truck to the test, in a closed port in Sweden the truck is suspended only by the hook on the front of the lorry, and yes, he is stood on top of the lorry!

I love the fact he’s wearing a hard hat, if anything was to go wrong I’m not sure it would do much good, but you know, health and safety and all that! Haha brave man! And nice to see the top of a company doing something rather than sitting behind his desk


Some more lorry themed campaigns here, including another stunt from Volvo:

Volvo Trucks: The Ballerina Stunt
Mercedes Benz: Car Rooftop Sticker

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