The Power of 140 Characters

I’ve seen this some time back on my facebook wall. Horror tweets that are 140 characters. It’s about telling a short story that will chill your spine. Worked alright. If you don’t believe me, check out this article I found on Mashable.

The same can be said for this campaign done by McDonald’s in Canada by TribalDDB. Never thought about it, but stories of Ronald, Hamburgler, and the rest were only seen on their happy meal boxes, calender, etc. Today, you can tweet your own story about them and it might get turned into a feature  film!

Airbnb partnered with Vine and Sundance Channel recently to help make a short film from travelers “shottin the vines” with their own adventures.  If their clips were chosen to be aired, they received a 100 dollar Airbnb voucher.

I suppose with twitter getting on the “T-Commerce” bandwagon after hiring former TicketMaster President – Nathan Hubbard, 140 characters are going to have a higher perceived value than usual. To me, Hubbard’s model of not letting people leave Twitter in the purchase cycle is a tragedy waiting to happen. Some items are acceptable to buy on Twitter, but that’s the just the problem. Some…

I wondered why no one ever tried to take the idea of buying with tweets further. I remember there was this one campaign that won at Cannes a couple of years back, buying books with a  tweet. I thought that was a fabulous idea. The thought of  commoditising characters to promote certain brands also came to mind.  I think there is a huge opportunity for impulse purchases using the 140 character sets.

To each it’s own they say, and I wonder just how big a difference these tiny letters would make for this social platform.


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