Maglomaniac Monistat

Well, I might have had a laugh when I watched this online video. But at the end of it? I don’t really see a relation between feeling sexy and the product “benefit”.  So here’s the story, for those of you who don’t know, Monistat is a manufacturer of women hygiene products. They created this ad that was released recently that kinda pissed some granny panty wearers.  Here is the clip

I would expect this from a brand like Durex, but if you see their website…can’t really say that they are the leading the way in online video comedies!



So i’m guessing the brilliant agency came up with a better idea. Let’s make an apology but not make it look like an apology just to piss more people off! I mean COME ON GUYS!!!. You had me at the website home page…

Check out their new apology campaign here . Great talk show name by the way..:P


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