Month: September 2013

The ‘Real’ Price We Pay For Fast Food

I picked this up from Adverblog. its a nice branded content piece that links Fiona Apple and Chipotle Mexican Grill. It’s the same fight we see Jamie Oliver up against, and how the fast food industry is changing the rules when it comes to human food consumption.  I’m a sucker for fast food, but after watching this film, it really did make me sit back and think it over. Sometimes, it’s funny how some things can just hit the right chord.


George Takei makes his debut on YouTube!

Debut, but all of us can wonder “What for?”. A bit late into the scene, but hey! Anyone from Star Trek slinging sh#t on the web is definitely going to be epic. But 4 minutes long? He might need to fasten up that pacer a bit. Also where is the oxygen tank when you need it.

Anyhow, good effort on taking the piss out of Google Glasses. Some oh his observations do make sense, especially from a senior citizen’s perspective. Hey George, great Pilot! Oh, I mean episode.


LG: Meteor Prank

Hilarious! When I saw this, I thought..mehhhh, scamm. But looking at the reaction from those victims. I’d say this really did work. Or It might be really good acting. With all that said. The setup, and 3D senses that was stimulated using vibrations, darkness, etc. Great planning and execution for a prank.

AdPitch Blog

LG love pulling pranks on people, we’ve seen them do it before with their “So Real, It’s Scary!” elevator prank which you can view here if you haven’t watched the humerus prank before: LG: So Real It’s Scary. This time they’re using a job interview setting, using their worlds first 84 inch ultra HD TV, and it’s set in Spain. Using the massive TV as a “window” behind the interviewer, unsuspecting interviewees were brought in, with the “window” showing the city view from the high rise building. Half way through their questions, a meteor starts to appear on the TV causing some great reactions from the people. Throwing chairs, shouting, it’s quite an experience for them and a hilarious one for us and the reactions don’t stop there carrying on even after they’re told it’s a prank. What would you do if you saw the meteor? I think I’d…

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Volvo Trucks: The Hook

This guys from Volvo deserves an award just for awesomeness. We all talk about the 8 seconds hook into a viral or hit video. But this takes the cake!

AdPitch Blog

Ohh this is one brave company president! No trick filming was done for this, it was actually done. Claes Nilsson puts the new Volvo FMX truck to the test, in a closed port in Sweden the truck is suspended only by the hook on the front of the lorry, and yes, he is stood on top of the lorry!

I love the fact he’s wearing a hard hat, if anything was to go wrong I’m not sure it would do much good, but you know, health and safety and all that! Haha brave man! And nice to see the top of a company doing something rather than sitting behind his desk


Some more lorry themed campaigns here, including another stunt from Volvo:

Volvo Trucks: The Ballerina Stunt
Mercedes Benz: Car Rooftop Sticker

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The Power of 140 Characters

I’ve seen this some time back on my facebook wall. Horror tweets that are 140 characters. It’s about telling a short story that will chill your spine. Worked alright. If you don’t believe me, check out this article I found on Mashable.

The same can be said for this campaign done by McDonald’s in Canada by TribalDDB. Never thought about it, but stories of Ronald, Hamburgler, and the rest were only seen on their happy meal boxes, calender, etc. Today, you can tweet your own story about them and it might get turned into a feature  film!


Maglomaniac Monistat

Well, I might have had a laugh when I watched this online video. But at the end of it? I don’t really see a relation between feeling sexy and the product “benefit”.  So here’s the story, for those of you who don’t know, Monistat is a manufacturer of women hygiene products. They created this ad that was released recently that kinda pissed some granny panty wearers.  Here is the clip


McDonald’s “Happy Tables” in Singapore

Nice little hitch to get kids playing mobile games at McDonald’s outlets in Singapore. This concept of playing games with NFC enabled devices is simply brilliant, seeing how kids normally race their little toys across walls, tables, chairs and just about anything. Well 20 years ago of course!

But this has not changed. We all know that kids see fun in everything they engage with. And McDonald’s took this idea further with NFC tags built in it’s tables within outlets. Can’t wait to see more ideas like this coming from local agencies in Singapore. Good Stuff !

Humour and Murphy’s Law Has A Silver Lining…This Is It!

Done by DraftFCB and the production house, Assembly. I must say by far the funniest insurance ad in a long time. Reminds me a lot of those old Stephen King horror flicks and an awesome score to add. Just about tells all of us how some small accidents which we think are trivial could lead to bigger issues in life.