Short Films That Teaches Us About Storytelling

I was referred to AFG Productions from a video I watched called “My Last Days“. The Director, Justin Baldoni had a very interesting approach to the way he told the story about Zach Sobiech. It wasn’t this that got me intrigued, but his next project on homeless people in America. Short and sweet interviews, packaged with a new perspective on corporate America, and the human spirit. Something true to itself, which a lot of brands can learn from.

Baldoni plays up on the details and perspective of the people in the video. The humble beginnings, the tragedy and the unexpected. We take this for granted in story-telling. Most of the time, positive vibes are the only way forward. we presume that consumers live the perfect life or so they think so. Brands want to be in positive atmospheres but forget that the environment we live in everyday changes. We see it on the streets, in the offices and at home.

There is a lot we can learn from these videos.

1.) Look past your unnatural fears, and there will be a pleasant surprise – A good story rarely comes from a well trodden path. Telling it in many different ways or in different time-phases gives your video an unexpected attention grabber. This seen used exceptionally well by Tarantino and Whedon in their films.

2.) Having the heart for it – taking a leap of faith and letting the story be true to its essence is always a risk, but it does show the heart put into it and the passion that we can read from the characters in the story.

3.) Music soothes the savage beast – An old pro in an agency I worked in once, gave the one of life’s best advice in advertising.  Music! In a presentation changes the entire dynamic of the room. A musical score! in advertisements is the roots that take an ad to that next level at Cannes. And so should you look at it with respect, when you tell a story.

4.) The “warm” factor – there is always a point in any video that makes you click. For me I call that the “warm factor”. Which just means I”m getting warmer at what I do. You need to decide what is that warm factor for each of your stories. Most of the time, its the brand promise that links up with an emotional anchor. At this point, if it does not make me want to share or play another video. I think it’s about time to go back to the drawing board.

Here is a great example that was done by Dominos quite some time back. Which I still use as a perfect example for brands to follow. It’s called the Pizza Turnaround. Let me know what you think?

An idea that was done from a collaboration of my company and Blk A Pictures for unsung heroes in Singapore.  This was for Red Bull (Silver Can).



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