Month: August 2013

The Problem With HOT and COLD

As I perspire with disgust, the thought of why I’m here, breezes through my mind. The heat in the office that I am temporarily displaced in is excruciating, and so was my last meeting with a prospective client.

Im putting up this post to talk about HOT and COLD. Yes, it’s weird that in the business world it’s the total opposite of how we really feel with our actual sense of touch. Kettle hot equals move your f#@king hand away, and rainy day cold could mean its time to get it on, perhaps.



Road-trips To Remember With VW

Road-trips…something I might not get much around to, since there aren’t many scenic roads where I stay, but for more privileged friends and families there is now an app that helps you document and save those wonderful memories. Developed in collaboration with Google, it allows you to save those memorable drives with your VW. Using simple and hassle-free functions, your road-trip soon becomes an event that is shared and participatory for other VW drivers on the road as well.

Nostalgia is something that resonates with humans all to well. When bittersweet longing for things become all to empowering, Volkswagen used this insight as a great opportunity to capitalize on their new and improved drive. Great idea but not too sure if this would work just about anywhere.


Make-up Horror For Driving Safety Stunt

A simple execution but done rather well by Mini in Mexico. Apparently 22% of car accidents down there are caused by women! Hmmm, a bit sexist if you would ask me. But nevertheless the effect was priceless. “orgasmic” screaming women in the bathroom? Forget about safety show me more air-bags!

Paperclips Are Certainly Dangerous…

A nice animated video on the importance of learning first-aid done for the Australian Red Cross, Produced by Monekystack. The entire story line is rich and very entertaining. It was not over-done but the drama was there indeed. Paper clips are dangerous people…myth NOT busted!

Nice Take On Porn Sex Vs Food Porn

Something funny to get you through the week. This nice little piece from a boutique production called Korhaber Brown house teaches us about the merits of doing it in the kitchen versus the bedroom. Nice insights and great informative way to tell people about the current trends and “short comings”. Enjoy!


Short Films That Teaches Us About Storytelling

I was referred to AFG Productions from a video I watched called “My Last Days“. The Director, Justin Baldoni had a very interesting approach to the way he told the story about Zach Sobiech. It wasn’t this that got me intrigued, but his next project on homeless people in America. Short and sweet interviews, packaged with a new perspective on corporate America, and the human spirit. Something true to itself, which a lot of brands can learn from.


Branded Content in Books

If you are a fan of  George Martin’s “Game Of Thrones” you will love this little stint pulled off brilliantly by Shutterstock. If you want to target creatives, you need to be in their world. For some it’s comics, others, music. But none can deny that there is a good fan of the Game Of Throne in all of us. Shutterstock was thinking along these same lines when they ran this campaign. Now imagine those books re-packaged using only images from Shutterstock and brands, to paint the same story.  More of the images seen here – “Game Of Brands