Time to string up or shut up

Yes, those words are for me. But I guess if this guy in the video can do it, why can’t anyone of us. And this is the same exact point why I think DICK’s Sporting Good’s made a connection with me.

It’s not about the gear you wear or how you look, its the reason.Roger Wright’s says it so well in this film – “Hope”. And it’s because of this I have now realised its not about losing pounds, its about focusing on the end goal of what you never had a chance to do in your life.

I once remembered my best friend telling me that being fit and healthy feels different. It makes him lighter, bouncier and energetic.  For me, It’s always about wearing that D&G suit! Anyhow, enjoy this piece done up by Anomaly, NY. The production house is Greenpoint Pictures.

Other videos for the same campaign seen here.

Tony Clark, the war veteran

Julia Chase, Defied The Norm

Team Hoyt – WOW!

Steve Bell, A failure to thrive…this is so interesting. It made me watch it twice.



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