Real Life ‘Stays Together’ With Skype

We rarely use Skype in it’s original form anymore. Today,  it’s more popular as cheaper alternatives for business calls. I used to remember chatting with friends whom I could not reach via a telephone, and were overseas. The only currency we had in common were bits per second. We see the transformation in night and day, accents changing and even  character to a certain extent, and that was how we kept in touch. A little bit of body language and verbal communication via a screen.


Reflecting on this, the new campaign from Pereira & O’Dell, which are the same guys responsible for “The Beauty Inside” that was this year’s Cannes GP winner. comprises of three great films in collaboration with John Clang – a photographer and visual artiste. They captured the true product experience of Skype and how it makes two people, friends or families come together for just that one chat session on their application. The output by Clang here is a brilliant portrait that captures both Skype and real life happening at the same time. I feel that this is a very strong idea for the product itself.

The storytelling and shots from the short documentaries are compelling. It makes you feel that the we do need to understand the product a lot more to really get the best out of it. The 1st story tells of an impossible family, and how staying apart and making sacrifices in life really has its payouts in the end.

The second is a more lighthearted approach of two girls in two separate lives but linked by a family bond. The desire to be in each other’s environments and activities are so strong that the antiques of these girls in this video just keeps you smiling. Cousins and siblings apart are one of the most terrible thing that can happen to any family, believe me, I know.

The third is about a young confused girl from the US who did not know what she wanted to do in life, and was just travelling and looking for odd jobs. She found a very unusual job at a zoo in Australia. The story unfolds when she starts to build a bond with the inhabitants of the zoo, man and animal alike.

I wish I could pull out stuff like this one day. Great work and my hats off to the creative team behind this, wherever you may be.







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