Red Bull’s Digital Strategy in Film

So I was reading a post from digitalbuzzblog on how Red Bull is upping the ante in their quest to be one off, if not ‘the’ best branded content provider. And seeing their latest video with Danny Macaskill, its no wonder that I would think they do have content that none of us have or can produce.

This is the key selling point for Red Bull’s strategy to garner following for its brand online. Extreme content and no holds barred for cash inflows! So much so they have their own production outfit called Red Bull Media House. And if you visit this site, you will see that they have stakes in music scores they use, mobile, content aggregation pools, licensing and partnership for co-branding with media agencies and brands.


Now, wait just a minute? Doesn’t this make them an online publisher, making money of advertising and consumer segments? I guess it does. But who’s complaining, the content coming out from them is top grade and yes it is how they want it done. The Red Bull way. Check out the behind the scenes on how they did the Danny Macaskill video here. Yes! They even had a real tank on set.



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