Brits Get A Big Slap From Romanians

OMFG! This is simply brilliant. A great promotion campaign for Romania done by a Newspaper. Apparently, there was a campaign in Britain to discourage Romanians from migrating over, which I think is a big DEAL, concerning that the UK already has a sweltering mix of races and culture.

The use of social media again played a huge role in getting Romanians to act against the Brits not by fighting fire with fire, but with humor. Brilliant lines I must say, and it does give a “Kydney Punch” for any Brit to watch this.

Apparently, the prompt Romanian response to the British “You won’t like it here!” Campaign proposed by the British Government to keep away Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants. Mr. Keith Vaz, British MP the Head of the Home Affairs Committee analyzing the migration estimates, actually went over to Bucharest and wore T-Shirts proving that the message was a pretty convincing.   Hats off to the guys at GMP Advertising, Romania




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