Month: July 2013

“The Power Inside” Movie this Summer?

Hmmm, from Toshiba and Intel. Apparently it’s a movie that stars you. So this is going to be the next big thing I suppose. So there were crowd funded TV series, online auctions, group deals, and now film. A big hype, but can the movie really live up to its expectations. The thing that’s going to finally do me in…mustaches? Ok, maybe might give it a go.

Do You Believe in Ghost?

I’m a big fan of F1 in the days where men were real men that is, I guess it all ended at Damon Hill. I saw this piece of branded content done by Honda that was published via Adverblog. I mean seriously? I would have never thought of Ayrton Senna being brought back to life in his driving ability, shown visually on the Suzuka circuit…at NIGHT! Well, it certainly sent shivers up my spine when I heard that engine roar, and those white lights go around the circuit.  His spirit will forever live across those circuits, RIP.

Research & Advertising is Coffee to Creamer

Saw this brilliant idea for an activation at an airport by Douwe Egberts Coffee. I’ve learnt from some of the best practitioners in activation, and this to me is as simple and good as it gets. Though it only recorded 210 samples, the process from which they took research insights and formulated a creative way to establish a link between the brand and the idea is exemplary. Social listening tools today offer the fastest and most accurate depiction of consumers online. The biggest hurdle to me is getting one that works for you.

Bid on Greatness with Playstation

I thought the Malaysian Blackout was the best magic trick ever in Politics, but this is definitely a trick worth waiting for. Playstation does it again for their consumers by offering an auction site to hardcore fans to bid on the props and items used in famous Game Trailers. YES! The actual items and not replicas.

I mean talk about street cred. I used to think collecting statues and action figures were good enough, and then came TP comics, but this? Ohhhh this takes it to the next level altogether. Play your favorite games and earn gold trophy unlocks. Use this as currency to bid on your favorite items. Brilliant! Simply Brilliant! Its like crowd funding for all these trailers in terms of game time committed.

How High Can You Jump for D.Rose

This is a great activation idea that was done by Adidas and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. The video shows shots of kids in the suburbs taking on the challenge of getting their own pair of kicks, if they can jump for it. Yes, JUMP for it.  I would however liked to have seen more of these individuals have their personalized videos of their dunk for the jumps.  Great stuff nonetheless.

Real Life ‘Stays Together’ With Skype

We rarely use Skype in it’s original form anymore. Today,  it’s more popular as cheaper alternatives for business calls. I used to remember chatting with friends whom I could not reach via a telephone, and were overseas. The only currency we had in common were bits per second. We see the transformation in night and day, accents changing and even  character to a certain extent, and that was how we kept in touch. A little bit of body language and verbal communication via a screen.



Red Bull’s Digital Strategy in Film

So I was reading a post from digitalbuzzblog on how Red Bull is upping the ante in their quest to be one off, if not ‘the’ best branded content provider. And seeing their latest video with Danny Macaskill, its no wonder that I would think they do have content that none of us have or can produce.


Muji 3D Replicas Of You And Your Family Travels

I was going through some blogs and caught a glimpse of this video on an article for Muji’s new line of travel products and fashion line called ‘Muji to GO‘. The shots are simple and there is no dialog, but the vision and imagery is fantastic. I love it when someone comes up with a brilliant piece of work and so little to work with. Just so you know the  products that Muji are retailing are not that bad either with some innovative types of luggage and light clothing with packing accessories. Customers are given a treat when they participate in this unique contest of going to the ends of the world with your family and Muji gear to see a 3D replica of your self waiting. Weird, but its unique!

If any knows who is the person responsible, please do drop me the credits. Thanks.

Brits Get A Big Slap From Romanians

OMFG! This is simply brilliant. A great promotion campaign for Romania done by a Newspaper. Apparently, there was a campaign in Britain to discourage Romanians from migrating over, which I think is a big DEAL, concerning that the UK already has a sweltering mix of races and culture.