Epic storytelling for a game: The Last Of Us

I don’t know if it was the repetitive actions and maneuvers that bored the hell out of me. I actually stopped playing it after a while, and just went online to watch the walk-troughs and cut scenes. I spent hours just going through the content and the only thing I can say about “The Last Of Us”, is that if this game does not win anything at the Oscars next year, I am going to be pissed!


Movie making at it’s best when you, the player is part of a world full of characters that you form a bond with, such in a feature film. You know you did it, when you said “Ohhhh Nooooo, she can’t die?”  in the second last episode of season 3 – Game Of Thrones. “The Last Of Us” is Playstation’s last epic on their PS3 console. What a way to close the curtain with what I would rate as one of the best games for decades.

I can’t say if its musical score that dials up those emotions. Or the empathy for a lost cause played by the characters, which amps it up a little more.  But just when you feel there’s a Mc’Donalds open, just over the Horizon, the game takes another twist. Check out the final cut scene of the game here. Spoiler ALERT!



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