What’s next, Wearable Digital Devices?

So I play a lot of COD Black Ops on my PC and when I heard of Oculus VR goggles and how the experience is mind blowing for gamers, I just had to look into this tech a little bit more.


After doing some reading on Google’s wearable optic-communication glasses, it dawned on me that looking stupid will be the next big thing I’m sure. I mean come on, the fashion in the 80s? we survived that yah? And it’s just so tempting to see what the world would look like in a different perspective.

We’ve seen some fail whales, such as LAYAR and the infamous QR Code technology. It was functional, but still far off from simple in its user interface design or thought provoking for that fact. And then I published a short article recently on web browsers that are now able to see through your portable communication devices, called Point Cloud. Yes! This is an idea for sure…a browser that not only lets you search but do fun stuff on it.

But having a application that works on all devices was still a key issue. Now imagine using AR or VR technology that is the same for all devices without needing to put on any funny gadgetss. Wouldn’t this be something? well I think the guys at Dekko has sorted that out. An OS that supports AR technology for any device. If some of you have played TableTop Speed, you would know what I am talking about.


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