Cannes Get It Right For Video Category Judging

I was reading an article on Adverblog, and really liked what I thought was “saving grace” for online video within the Advertising industry. If done really well, we had some great moments such as Old Spice, but TVCs making its way into the world of branded content and shared/popular videos is just absurd to me. Brands are getting smarter, so why can’t agencies?

Here is an excerpt from the article that shows there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all. Hats off to the judges this year and the best of luck.

“The biggest change was seen in “online video”.  As a side note, there were considerably more videos shortlisted than any other category (showing how the industry really is moving towards video).  We judged each entry with “Cyber” in mind which meant that some of the really great TVCs that make their way onto Youtube (even if they ‘go’ viral) were not awarded in Cyber.” – link to article


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