Signs That Your Business Is Too Digital

It’s a sensitive topic, and a real world issue for most brands today. Are they getting too “digital”? And how do we know if we are too “digital”?

See this, the next time you are planning your digital campaign.

See this, the next time you are planning your digital campaign.

Half of the issues we face in reality, are actually the people we hire to be honest. Why? Well since the .com bubble, many of the survivors – with their battle scars – picked up from the ashes and a huge lesson learnt – what’s a real business case? They also shared common traits, one that stands out the most? They’re problem solvers.

Looking back in retrospect, it is rare we find someone today that has multi-skilled experience at all levels of interactive marketing let alone business acumen. This leaves us with a big question. Who are we really dealing with today? And who are the real digital custodians of our brand?

The other half of the issue is the jargon we keep coming with that doesn’t really help the industry. Half the time, I spend convincing clients not to follow fads and trends, but what works for the product and evidently the brand.

Campaigns today are rarely given proper measurements or challenge-based solutions. We spend our days trying to solve what doesn’t need solving in the first place, and miss the biggest opportunities out there. What the consumers really want.

Here are some tell-tale signs that a digital tune up might be due.

The “360” digital agency – the digital agency starts doing work that is not even digital in the first place. Such as events management, video production and even e-mail signatories! Most brands tend to get hung up on digital agencies doing more, because we are not constrained to the media platforms we are on. This gives many brands the idea that a TVC is now doable on at no loading cost at all! Big Mistake!

Zuckerberg sets the benchmark! – When you realize that your KPIs for each campaign are Likes, Comments, Shares or just downright engagement. It’s evident, that something is wrong with your campaign planning. It’s time to start downgrading your digital “GURUNESS”

Supersize me – “Can I have a mobile app with that?” When you realize that you specifically asks for an android/iPhone app or any kind of “mobile thingy”

Hires for fires – When you realize that you start to hire digital specific roles. Let’s face it, it’s either they did not make the A-list roster as a specialist, or it’s a retirement plan in disguise. Either way, don’t you already have that role in your agency?

The Mr. Know-It-All – I’m sure many of us have come across these characters. But if we start seeing many of them in the company, it’s about time to lock down ownership and management of digital initiatives. The last thing we want to see, are 10 Indian-chiefs all saying they know digital!

It’s not rocket-science unless you’re Dell! – From experience, I’ve learnt a lot while I was at Dell. This really opened my eyes to true digital custodianship and how it works for a brand and the sale of its products. Otherwise, it’s coming up with a science of digital that works for your business. And believe you me, this is not easy. Just ask Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

So if someone drops you a memo out of the blue saying “hey we should look into this data driven marketing trend!”… nuff said.


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