The Concept Of Answering A Pitch Brief

Was going through some pitch submissions for a project, and realized that only one submission actually answered the brief. I was rather surprised because some of these came from the big boys in the industry.

Some takeouts for any pitch submission?

  • Answer the brief and try not to be a “smart aleck”.
  • If you can show thought leadership? Do it at the end of your proposal and try not to be an ass about it.
  • Also, UNDERSTAND the client’s current challenge and try and be a bit more emphatic 
  • You would definitely score points if you can show the current way of it being done to a better way of improving the existing system or challenge.
  • Out of the total submissions I saw 80% re-inventing the wheel and charging a bomb. Only 20% showed real initative of taking the client’s hand and taking baby steps ahead. I guess it’s like most relationships!

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