Month: June 2013

Epic storytelling for a game: The Last Of Us

I don’t know if it was the repetitive actions and maneuvers that bored the hell out of me. I actually stopped playing it after a while, and just went online to watch the walk-troughs and cut scenes. I spent hours just going through the content and the only thing I can say about “The Last Of Us”, is that if this game does not win anything at the Oscars next year, I am going to be pissed!



TVC? Music Video? Or A Frankenstein?

I just had to put this through to you guys. Samsung’s latest technology of motion control for television, though rendered useless, may have had a breakthrough in film making. I just watched the latest…well I won’t call it anything just yet. Film perhaps? Seen here

And must add that they have given me great believe in the quote “Buying things you don’t really need, with money you don’t have, to please people you don’t really like anyway”. Usher looks fantastic though, well only saving grace for this piece i’d say.

Branded content makes it to GP @ Cannes

So it’s been a while since my last post. And you guys would probably have seen all the winners this year at Cannes. I would just like to highlight one entry that made it to the grand prix for branded content, a short film series called “The Beauty Inside”. I felt this is a simple but refreshing take on advertising IT products. It’s been a while since we last saw something great from INTEL or Toshiba for that fact.


What’s next, Wearable Digital Devices?

So I play a lot of COD Black Ops on my PC and when I heard of Oculus VR goggles and how the experience is mind blowing for gamers, I just had to look into this tech a little bit more.


After doing some reading on Google’s wearable optic-communication glasses, it dawned on me that looking stupid will be the next big thing I’m sure. I mean come on, the fashion in the 80s? we survived that yah? And it’s just so tempting to see what the world would look like in a different perspective.


Cannes Get It Right For Video Category Judging

I was reading an article on Adverblog, and really liked what I thought was “saving grace” for online video within the Advertising industry. If done really well, we had some great moments such as Old Spice, but TVCs making its way into the world of branded content and shared/popular videos is just absurd to me. Brands are getting smarter, so why can’t agencies?

Here is an excerpt from the article that shows there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all. Hats off to the judges this year and the best of luck.

“The biggest change was seen in “online video”.  As a side note, there were considerably more videos shortlisted than any other category (showing how the industry really is moving towards video).  We judged each entry with “Cyber” in mind which meant that some of the really great TVCs that make their way onto Youtube (even if they ‘go’ viral) were not awarded in Cyber.” – link to article